Reservoir Run

This morning I went on the longest run I’ve gone on since moving to Colorado. 17 solo miles. I didn’t get out as early as I would have preferred, but I was greeted by beautiful, colorful cloud formations. The weather was perfect. There was just enough of a chill to make running comfortable. 

The Denver area trail system is fantastic.  I was able to run from my house to the Cherry Creek Rervoir Reserve. With Spring ready open to crack open like a tulip bulb, the scenery was wonderful. There were song birds, waterfowl, and deer all over. 

I had hoped to make it to the reservoir itself. It meant going out a half mile further than I had planned but it was worth it. 

This site of Pike’s Peak greeted me after I turned around, reminding me that in 4 short months I will be running up it and back down again. It may be time to start some hill work. 

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