If you had asked me beforehand what how it would feel to be an ultrarunner, I’ve run enough marathons to know not to say things like, “Amazing,” “Trancendental,” or “like a super hero.” But in the back of my head the thought was there. Ultrarunners have always been a step […]

35 Miles – That time I became an Ultramarathoner

There is this great, dumb little club on the internet called “The Idiot’s Running Club.” They pull in unsuspecting runners and do things like encourage them to accomplish epic shit, crack funny jokes, fight cancer, and other general awesomeness. It all started with a couple guys but has quickly grown to […]

The Frisco Railroad Run 26.2

Day 5 “Are you ready for the long run this weekend?” “The what?” I thought we were on a long run, among a pile of long runs. “How long is it?” “18.” I didn’t respond. I don’t usually cuss. Much. At least not out loud. Or, as it turns out, until sometime […]

10 by 10

When my wife asked what I wanted for my birthday I had trouble coming up with ideas. I had just completed the grueling KT82 relay race in September. Getting from the point of recovering from knee surgery to running that had consumed my interests for almost 9 months. That was […]

Bass Pro Conservation Marathon Recap

The White River Marathon for Kenya is a beautiful, mostly flat course. For the half it is an out and back. For the full it is a double out and back. This could be looked at as a downside but if you know any other runners in the region you get […]

White River Marathon Recap

It was a beautiful late summer evening. We were staying a couple nights in a condo that a friend was loaning us their time-share on. I believe I was reading a Redwall book to the children. It was far above their heads but I was enjoying the reminiscings of my […]

Back Story, or, How Twitter Changed My Life

With the Athens Big Fork Trail Marathon coming quickly trails are making their way into the training plan with increasing frequency. Really, what better way to start the weekend? Coming back in we saw this cross at the top of a gigantic hill. So we climbed the hill. On the […]

Weekend Running Notes

32 degrees. 262 stairs. 10 times. 50 minutes. I’m going to be seeing a lot of these stairs in the next couple months during training for Athens.

Cedar Steps

It’s been 6 weeks since I passed out in Colorado and 3 weeks since I discovered I have an ulcer. Since then I have tried to ease back into running. Moderation has been the challenge but things have seemingly gone well. Put in 14 last Saturday, my longest mileage since […]

Thoughts on a Rainy Tuesday Run