There is this great, dumb little club on the internet called “The Idiot’s Running Club.” They pull in unsuspecting runners and do things like encourage them to accomplish epic shit, crack funny jokes, fight cancer, and other general awesomeness. It all started with a couple guys but has quickly grown to […]

The Frisco Railroad Run 26.2

Day 5 “Are you ready for the long run this weekend?” “The what?” I thought we were on a long run, among a pile of long runs. “How long is it?” “18.” I didn’t respond. I don’t usually cuss. Much. At least not out loud. Or, as it turns out, until sometime […]

10 by 10

It’s been 6 weeks since I passed out in Colorado and 3 weeks since I discovered I have an ulcer. Since then I have tried to ease back into running. Moderation has been the challenge but things have seemingly gone well. Put in 14 last Saturday, my longest mileage since […]

Thoughts on a Rainy Tuesday Run

I can’t remember the last time I visited Colorado. It’s been a long while to use the technical term. So it goes without saying I was excited to jump at the opportunity to take a specialty plaster workshop near Glenwood Springs. I just returned, and I’m going to attempt to […]

A Few Crazy Days in Colorado (Repost)