Yearly Archives: 2016

50 miles is a long way. 264,000 feet to be exact. That’s approximately 100,000 steps. One. Hundred. Thousand. 50-thousand strikes per foot. And, last month at the Mark Twain Endurance event, I ran it. Well, ran is a generous term. I ran parts of it. Considering the 5,300 feet of […]

Mark Twain 50 Miler Race Recap

Most people, I have found out, don’t even like to drive 50 miles. They certainly have never even entertained the idea of running that far. In fact only about .03% of the American adult population ran an ultramarathon distance last year. But, as my brothers would have told you all […]

Berryman Trail Preview

There is this great, dumb little club on the internet called “The Idiot’s Running Club.” They pull in unsuspecting runners and do things like encourage them to accomplish epic shit, crack funny jokes, fight cancer, and other general awesomeness. It all started with a couple guys but has quickly grown to […]

The Frisco Railroad Run 26.2

Day 5 “Are you ready for the long run this weekend?” “The what?” I thought we were on a long run, among a pile of long runs. “How long is it?” “18.” I didn’t respond. I don’t usually cuss. Much. At least not out loud. Or, as it turns out, until sometime […]

10 by 10