Before the Pikes I don’t remember the exact moment I decided to run the Pikes Peak Marathon. It was some point between when I moved to Colorado and when I remembered the Pikes Marathon existed. I registered for the race on my phone during the St. Patrick’s Day parade in […]

Pikes Peak Marathon

Today was day 3 of what may or may not turn into a 10×10. I probably won’t fully commit until I’m 9.5 miles into day 10. I usually run 6.5 with Chip & Pat, so I’ve been getting out and knocking out 3.5 before 5 am when those guys shop […]

Sweet Relief

This morning I went on the longest run I’ve gone on since moving to Colorado. 17 solo miles. I didn’t get out as early as I would have preferred, but I was greeted by beautiful, colorful cloud formations. The weather was perfect. There was just enough of a chill to make […]

Reservoir Run

I’ve never really taken a business trip before. This week I had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas for a trade conference. While my coworkers were excited for the entertainment and gambling, I couldn’t wait to run at a reasonable elevation in shorts and sleeves.  Of course you have […]

Sin City Suburbs

I recently had the opportunity to give a short speech on ultra-marathon running. Here’s the speech I wrote. Saturday, September 17th, 2016, just before 4:00 PM is a moment I will never forget. I was in the middle of the Missouri woods, no cell reception. I heard a loud buzzing, […]

What was I thinking?

One of the perks of my job is vendors who want our business do really nice things for us. Like sending a bunch of us to a mountain lodge for the weekend. Naturally, when in the mountains, the thing to do is to run in the mountains. Never miss an opportunity […]

Winter Park Mountain Run

Two rare things happened at the 1-mile race last weekend. What I would consider the more surprising is the number of good race pics of myself. I mean look at these. I look comfortable, natural. I’m smiling. In reality, I was sucking air. My heart rate was pushing full-max. I […]

Mardi Crawl 1-Mile

It has been quite a while since I’ve raced. I have run at races, but I primarily showed up to survive the distance. I had no hope of placing, in the top three or even my age group. What I paid for was the t-shirt, medal, and support along the […]

Finding the Edge

50 miles is a long way. 264,000 feet to be exact. That’s approximately 100,000 steps. One. Hundred. Thousand. 50-thousand strikes per foot. And, last month at the Mark Twain Endurance event, I ran it. Well, ran is a generous term. I ran parts of it. Considering the 5,300 feet of […]

Mark Twain 50 Miler Race Recap

Most people, I have found out, don’t even like to drive 50 miles. They certainly have never even entertained the idea of running that far. In fact only about .03% of the American adult population ran an ultramarathon distance last year. But, as my brothers would have told you all […]

Berryman Trail Preview